Bluer & Greener Things in Saudi Arabia

God’s amazing work! This is our post-lockdown trip to Alkhobar, Ras Tanura and Bahrain Border. It was short but we certainly had a lot of fun! I love being with family and friends! Thank you Lord for the wonderful opportunity.

The place is generally clean. There were few thugs who probably decided it’s better to dump their trash here. People are people.
My folks are driving very slowly because they’re trying to appreciate the view – God is good!
Amazing! Sometimes, we forget that there’s water in the desert!
We’re tempted to cross it. But we forgot that we cannot 😀
I think he’s pretending that he doesn’t know I was taking his photo.
My son’s last beach adventure was last year in Hawaii.. he can tell the difference 😀
I didn’t swim with Brook but I did go to the beach to attend to him. The waves were strong.
This place is well maintained. This is the Aramco area in Ras Tanura
Ras Tanura Beach, pretty open.
I was inside the car when I took this photo. Amazing to feel the breeze. These are trees that thrived in here. They weren’t uprooted as an adult tree like how they do it in Riyadh. These ones are legit.
Sand Dunes. One of the many fine sand that we’ve passed by going to Al Khobar. I love long drives, since I wasn’t the one driving.

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. – John 1:3

12 thoughts on “Bluer & Greener Things in Saudi Arabia

    1. It was short but totally refreshing. My husband usually do not join in our extended family trips but he did join here.. and to my shock, he hasn’t been there before! It was an awesome experience to be with someone who’s seen it the first time.

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