Busy Days

With the changes in our family routine after the MIL has left the Kingdom, I find myself the busiest ever. We have to wake up a little earlier to prepare Brook so he can stay @ my folks’ house while we’re at work, not to mention the tons of cleaning I’ve got to do. I literally have mountains of hoardings to clear out. Doing this while being sensitive to my husband’s feelings who had been away from his mom definitively, for the first time in 40 years.

I am giving you a minute to let that info sink in.

I too am feeling some sadness about it because it’s been 10 years of being used to having a mother around plus the fact that I can see how it affects my husband but I am also excited because for the first time, my home is mine. Ten years of being just a wife to someone’s son is not easy especially with regard to household decisions or by just merely receiving unsolicited commentaries all the time, this is liberating.

I know that my husband should not have placed me in that predicament — people often wonder, “why did I allow that to happen to me?” I have been in constant battle with my own family about that decision since they’ve brought us up quite independently, especially in making big life choices. They were shocked about how I easily accepted the setup but it’s a choice my husband has made for me that I accepted because I love him. I just prayed fervently that it won’t reach the time that I no longer care.

Answered prayer. I still do care about having my own home that I manage as a full fledged housewife and I know how much my husband appreciates how I have considered his life choices before mine. He is kind and loving. Knowing how good a person he is complements everything. I just hope others would also appreciate how generous a choice it was because some literally do not see it as a highly abnormal situation.

I haven’t been actively reading and commenting to friends because I haven’t found the time. I have read some posts through my reader though… I promise to catch up!

Thank you for reading.

10 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. I long for my husband to leave the house, too! After our vaccinations, he went off on a field trip in Texas and it was so delicious to watch whatever I wanted. I cleaned frenetically because he wasn’t under my feet. We will have been married 39 years in July so we are generally happy but we all need our space.

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    1. Thank you… I hope they recognize it too because I think my husband somehow feels a little bitter about my excitement, he doesn’t realize how long I have waited, I guess… He doesn’t realize the gravity of the situation and how every second from that moment forward matters because there’s just a lot of catching up to do… I finally can unload our wedding presents circa 2010…. LOL. I wonder how outdated they are!

      Thank you Girl!!!

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    1. Thank you Micah, we are so tired everyday -cleaning and decluttering bit by bit since we’re on a day job too, but it’s rewarding to be able to see an actual living space, revealing itself little by little each day…


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